Each year, a new committee of the Notre Dame Law Students' Society is elected by their peers. Committee members are expected to represent the student body and put their best interests first. Throughout the year, sub-committees will be formed for certain projects. If you are interested in committee opportunities - contact the Secretary, Savannah Seth, for more information.

You will find your 2021 committee below






It is a huge honour to be leading an incredible committee as President for 2021. Each of these individuals have been elected to represent all of the interests of the Law student body and I trust that they will do so in the best way possible.


There are many goals and aspirations I have for 2021. These including to ensure more opportunities are available for students to get involved in the Notre Dame Law Students’ Society and the University in general. I hope to ensure the whole Law student body is supported and encouraged to achieve their very best throughout the year and opportunities are readily available to see to both personal and academic excellence. Surviving Law school does not come without its challenges, but I hope that the NDLSS will be there to help each student along the way as they navigate this journey and to remind them of all the positives it has to offer.


Students have faced a difficult year throughout 2020. The NDLSS are here to facilitate a positive transition into 2021 which I hope is a better and bigger year for everyone.


Please feel free to contact myself anytime. I hope to support all students not just in my capacity as President, but also as a friend and peer

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It is an honour to have been elected as the 2021 Careers Vice-President. I look forward to working alongside my best friend Troy Hattrick who is taking on the new Careers Representative role. I am currently in my third year of an undergraduate Bachelor of Laws. In my spare time, (when I’m not procrastinating in the library) you’ll find me at the beach surfing or playing my many electric guitars. I hope to continue the tradition of providing rewarding, illuminating and accessible legal careers and networking events. The legal profession can at times seem daunting, so, I look forward to organising seminars and workshops that provide opportunities and experiences to help you plan your own pathway. Wherever possible, I will promote networking events that are face to face, as I find these to be the most rewarding and informative. Also, look out for the 2021 Notre Dame Careers Guide, which will (hopefully) allow you to make the most of every opportunity.

­If you any ideas, questions or just wish to chat, feel free to get in touch and good luck for the year ahead.    

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I am in my fourth year of a Bachelor of Laws / Bachelor of Arts (Political Science & International Relations), as well as taking on the role of Secretary. In my spare time (which is when I’m not stressed about assignments that I really should have done weeks ago) I can be found binge-watching Netflix at an inhumane rate and devouring chocolate covered coffee beans from Kakula’s Sister (seriously – they are incredible, go get yourself some and thank me later). When I graduate in a very, very lengthy amount of time I am interested in going into international law but I change my mind about once a week… so don’t hold me to this!

The Secretary role works to keep the committee on track and be a general helping hand to the other portfolios. I am looking forward to supporting the other members of the committee as we track towards our greatest year yet!

If I can help you out in any way shoot me an email or come have a chat to me – I am here to help you make the most of the opportunities available to you and I look forward to a great year.





I am going into my fifth year of a Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Arts (History & Social Justice) and will be taking on the Treasurer role for 2021. I have loved my time at Notre Dame University so far (so much that I’ve extended my degree to six years!) I have an interest in areas such as employment law, insurance law, and litigation – but I’ll probably change my mind! Outside of uni, you can find me at the beach, binge watching any crime related dramas, drinking an inhumane amount of hot chocolate.


I’m really excited to be given the opportunity to serve on the NDLSS again this year. It’s safe to say that the 2020 university year has not been what we’ve expected. That said, I’m looking forward to continuing to uphold the values of the NDLSS and contributing to the Law School in a positive way, regardless of any bumps and challenges that 2021 might throw our way!


If you see my around campus (or on zoom?) I’m always up for a chat. Please don’t be put off by my angry looking resting face! I promise I’m actually nice!


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Hey! My name is Troy, and I am in my third year of an undergraduate Bachelor of Laws degree. After graduating I hope to work as a litigator in the areas of Personal Injury and Professional Negligence Law. I am humbled to have been appointed the Careers & Education Officer for 2021. I think the NDLSS is an amazing student resource and a great opportunity for students to engage with the legal profession whilst studying.

I am extremely excited to work alongside my best friend and Careers Vice President Frank Daly, previously we both worked in the 2020 Career’s sub-committee on the Careers Handbook and it was and awesome experience! As the Careers & Education Officer I want to ensure that the 2021 Careers Handbook is of the utmost quality, I believe it is an invaluable educational resource for students seeking advice on networking, clerkships, and post-graduate positions.

I think the best way to put yourself ahead for penultimate year and all the exciting things that come after is to get informed and make the most out of all the networking and educational events and opportunities that come your way.

I hope I get the chance to meet as many of you as possible! If I can help you out in any way please do not be afraid to contact me, you can email me at or if you see me around campus come say hi!





My name is Charlie, and I am entering my second year of a undergraduate Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Biomedical Science. I am thrilled to be your Competitions Representative for 2021!

2021 is shaping up to be an exciting year, with lots of competitions, both here in Fremantle, interstate and internationally (I am optimistic). I encourage all Law Students to get involved. Competitions offer an excellent opportunity to socialise, have fun and build critical skills for future legal practice. They also, importantly, look outstanding on a resume.

Please do not hesitate to contact either Mikayla, the Competitions Officer, or myself, with any questions you might have, and don’t forget to say hi around campus!

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My name is Mikayla and I am in my second year of a Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Behavioural Science degree. I am incredibly excited to be your Competitions Officer for 2021!


I believe that law school extends beyond lecture slides and heavy textbooks. Together with my Competitions Representative Charlie, we hope to organise fun and challenging competitions for you all, while also showing you the invaluable benefits of joining in. Notre Dame offers so many competitions which are the perfect opportunity to meet new faces, learn new skills, have fun and put a fantastic achievement on your resume!


I am very enthusiastic for the year ahead and I am happy to have chats with you around campus if you have any great ideas, questions or feedback.

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My name is Laura and I’m lucky enough to be taking over the role of Publications Representative for 2021. Next year I will be in my fourth year studying a double degree of Bachelor of Laws/Commerce, majoring in Human Resource Management, and can’t wait for the year ahead! 


I am really excited to get underway with the role of Publications. We all know that Uni life has heaps to offer and whether it be designing posters or posting on our NDLSS social media accounts, I am passionate about making sure everyone can make the most of these opportunities and get the best experience out of law school as possible. Most of all, I am really excited to sink my teeth into The Sundry Crimes. I hope to be able to not only publish really interesting and informative content, but also promote it so that everyone can have an easily accessible peruse – and hopefully learn something while doing so! 


Having four siblings has made me pretty easy going, and I’m always up for a chat (especially when I’m supposed to be studying!) so please feel free to come hit me with any of your Publications ideas, or to just say hey.





My name is Ella Thubron and I am very excited and humbled to be your Sports Representative for 2021. I am going in to my fourth year studying Bachelor of Law / Arts (Politics and Journalism) and have absolutely loved my time at Uni and want you guys to as well.


I hope to maintain a strong sporting culture throughout the law society by putting on fun events with a couple of competitive ones thrown in there, because that is what law is all about, winning. We will always try and have a few drinks after to maintain that social feel to be able to remain a close knit group.


I am extremely friendly and love a chat, so please feel free to get in touch with me if there is anything you want to talk about.

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Hi everyone, thanks so much for giving me the opportunity to be your new social justice representative! I am currently in my third year studying a double degree in law and philosophy. Over the next year, I will have two major roles: firstly, I will be facilitating fundraisers and various social justice opportunities for students to be involved in. Secondly, I will be responsible for facilitating activities which increase the mental health and wellbeing of law students. I strongly believe that a healthy academic education involves participating in activities outside of law, purely for the fun of it. With this, I hope to provide students with opportunities to meet each other and create new experiences together. If you have always wanted to try something new with friends (think surfing lessons, cooking classes, etc.), or if you have any ideas for fundraisers or other social justice related activities, please get in touch!

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Currently studying a Bachelor of Laws & Commerce, I’m excited to be your First Year Representative for 2021. Entering my 2nd year at ND, I’ll be your mouthpiece for any news, advice and concerns regarding the law school and the NDLSS. In first-year fashion, I’m here to ensure we take it easy and get to know each other, as those beside you are your best academic and social resource. Outside the lecture room, I’m here to facilitate and encourage a high level of participation in our junior competitions and other social events. See you around Fremantle in 2021!

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It’s a privilege to be able to represent the second-year law students of 2021. I started a double degree in law and philosophy at the beginning of 2020, so I spent most of my first year at my desk, praying my internet didn’t cut out in the middle of a lecture, instead of praying that the Perth to Fremantle line would be on schedule. This cohort has sadly missed out on a lot of the socialising that first years traditionally experience, so we have a lot to catch up on.  

As such, my number one priority is making up for last year and developing the tight-knit culture that Notre Dame is known for.  

All this said, we are a resilient bunch and I’m sure that the cohort will achieve incredible heights, no matter what the future may throw at us.

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My name is Roisin and I’m very excited to be taking on the position of Third Year Representative for 2021. I am doing a Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Arts (Journalism and Politics) and I am hoping to increase the closeness of the third year cohort, as we approach the final years of our degrees. I have a particular interest in Criminal and Family Law, but I am still very interested in exploring different areas of the law.  


I want to give third year students the opportunity to relax and get to know each other, as well as give everyone the skills to manage time and study well, so that we can all do our best going forwards. I am absolutely loving my time at law school, although it can be challenging and I want to make sure that all other law students can find a good work/life balance.  


I love a good chat so if anyone has any questions or suggestions please feel free to contact me at any time! 





I am in my final year of a Law/Behavioural Science degree and am very excited to be taking to role of penultimate/final year representative for 2021. I have enjoyed every moment of studying in Notre Dame and I hope to ensure that everyone is able to have the same experience as I have. I have been part of the NDLSS for the past two years and hope that my experience will allow me to organise and pull off inclusive and exciting events. I am always free for a chat, so whether you’re a first year or a mature aged student, feel free to contact me and we have a chat over a drink. I wish you all the best for 2021!

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We are honoured to be your Mature Age Representatives for this year and to be joining the NDLSS amongst so many incredible students. 


Rem is in her fourth year of a Law/Philosophy double degree, while Tom is in his third year of a Law/BioMed double degree. Tom also moonlights as a tennis coach, so if you’re looking for some advice on your serve, he’s your man! Rem is better at watching sport than playing it, so if you catch her complaining about Carlton’s finals chances for 2021, feel free to join in. 


We are excited to represent our mature age students this year and to help increase inclusivity throughout the law school. Please reach out if you ever see us (if we’re ever back on campus) or flick us an email - we’re here to help!