Each year, a new committee of the Notre Dame Law Students' Society is elected by their peers. Committee members are expected to represent the student body and put their best interests first. Throughout the year, sub-committees will be formed for certain projects. If you are interested in committee opportunities - contact the Secretary, Olivia Hoyne, for more information.

You will find your 2020 committee below




It is an honour to have been elected to serve as your President for 2020, alongside an incredibly talented NDLSS Committee. Each and every one of these individuals have been elected to represent the best interests of Law Students at the University of Notre Dame. The NDLSS is a resource I encourage all students to take advantage of – engage with us, have your voice heard and continue to hold us accountable.  It is my goal this year to ensure we, as a committee, prioritise transparency, good governance and the mental wellbeing of all students.


My friends joke that I’m a country kid turned latte-sipping-leftie! In addition to studying, I’m currently working as a paralegal in a Corporate firm in Subiaco. At this point in my degree, I am leaning towards a pathway in Employment and Personal Injury Law. In my spare time you’ll find me drawing, losing myself in a good book or telling people about my pet cat Oliver, even when they didn’t ask…


Please remember that I am available to all of you at any hour of the day or night, in my role as President and also as a friend. You will find my contact details below. Do not hesitate to use them.


I have no doubt that your committee will achieve amazing things this year.




I am in my third year of a Bachelor of Laws / Bachelor of Arts (Political Science & International Relations), as well as taking on the role of Careers & Education VP. In my spare time (which is when I’m not stressed about assignments that I really should have done weeks ago) I can be found binge-watching Netflix at an inhumane rate and devouring chocolate covered coffee beans from Kakula’s Sister (seriously – they are incredible, go get yourself some and thank me later). When I graduate in a very, very lengthy amount of time I am interested in going into international law but I change my mind about once a week… so don’t hold me to this!

The popularity of double degrees within the Law School opens up a diverse range of career paths, and within my role as Careers VP I want to ensure these alternative law graduate pathways are included in careers material. I also want to promote more introductory, interactive and networking-based events to junior students to help you become informed and involved before penultimate year to make you ready to take the most of every opportunity.

If I can help you out in any way shoot me an email or come have a chat to me – I am here to help you make the most of the opportunities available to you and I look forward to a great year!




My name is Meg and I am in my third year of an undergraduate Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Arts majoring in History and minoring in Social Justice. I am incredibly excited to be your Competitions Vice President for 2020!


I believe that studying a law degree is more than just about reading oversized textbooks! I hope to organise fun and challenging competitions for you all and to encourage as many people as possible to start competing. Notre Dame offer so many exciting opportunities and competitions are a great way to socialise, have fun, and build important skills. Competing can be really scary at first, but once you’ve learned the ropes, is extremely fun and rewarding!


I am really looking forward to the year of comps ahead! Feel free to say hi around campus and don’t hesitate to hit me with any questions you might have!


Vice President (SOCIAL)


My name is Tayla Ward and I am humbled to be elected as your Social Representative for 2020. I am in my third year, soon to be fourth bachelor of laws/commerce (accounting) and absolutely love my time here at Notre Dame and I feel the best way to give back to the university is to get involved in the committee.

2020 will be my third year on the committee and first year in an executive position, I am looking forward to giving it my all whilst providing you with all the fun.

This year I hope to get everyone involved in the social aspects the committee offers. 

Don't hesitate to get in contact with any ideas, queries or if you'd just like a chat.   




I am incredibly excited to be your Secretary for 2020. I am in my penultimate year of a Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Behavioural Science degree. I am looking forward to the year ahead and hope I can continue to make the NDLSS as transparent as possible and advocate for the needs of all law students at Notre Dame. I have a keen interest in many areas of law, but in particular Native Title, International Law and Family Law. As always, if you have any issues or questions, you know who I am, so contact me and we can have a chat over a coffee (or cocktail) or two.


I wish you all the best for the year ahead!




I’m lucky enough to have been elected as the treasurer for the NDLSS this year. I have loved my time at University and in 2020 I will be in my final year completing a double degree of Laws and Behavioural science. I grew up in the country and the only thing I love more than managing accounts is managing my herd of cattle. 


I hope to maintain the NDLSS’s strong financial position and ensure money is being spent efficiently, responsibly and in the best interest of our members.  

I’m a friendly guy who’s always up for a chat. So, feel free to get in touch with me if you are interested in talking finances, the NDLSS or cows. 




Entering my 7th and final year of study, I consider myself somewhat of a veteran around the West End of Fremantle. Before I depart this great university and enter the big scary real world, I'm looking forward to leading our various sporting teams back to their former sporting glory after a tough 2019 campaign. If you're the next Nat Fyfe or Caitlin Bassett, or you're just keen to get involved and have a run around with your mates then I would absolutely love to hear from you! Similarly, if you ever have any questions or comments about the Law School, want to argue about which is the best football code or just have a chat about life in general please don't ever hesitate to get in touch




Greetings students, we will be taking over as Sponsorship Reps for the 2020 year. We both work, we both like money and we both have nearly finished our degrees (yay!).  On a more serious note, we are excited to commence the role and hopefully can preserve existing relationships with sponsoring partners while also establishing new connections.  Rebecca has keen interests in personal injury Law, while Julian likes anything corporate.


Fun fact; Rebecca has a crippling addiction to caffeine (dirty chai with almond milk?) and Julian, well Julian does not drink coffee at all (doesn’t like the taste of it…?). So, if you have any queries or concerns regarding our role, we are very approachable- Rebecca in the morning (after her coffee) and Julian in the afternoon (after he has eaten).


We hope to obtain funding which will facilitate the expansion of the services that the committee as a whole are able to offer to everyone.


We both look forward to working alongside you all in the year to come!




I’m very excited to be the Social Justice Representative for the NDLSS for 2020. I’m in my final year studying a Bachelor of Laws (Graduate Entry), having completed my undergraduate degree in Politics and International Relations with a Minor in Social Justice. I have always been passionate about human rights and the importance of access to justice and community services, so I am really looking forward to running fundraisers throughout the year and working with some great organisations. If anyone feels like they need a chat I’m more than happy to help out where I can! 







I’m in my final year of law and am very excited to take on the position of final year representative, where my main role will be organising the final year dinner! Having enjoyed my time at Notre Dame so far, I am hoping to ensure that everyone has a memorable year of study in 2020. I am interested in working in commercial law, however I am keeping my options very open. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions at all or just want a chat!



Hi, I’m your third-year representative for 2020. I’m in my third year (obviously) of a combined Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in accounting and finance. At the moment, I have a particular interest in commercial law and banking (don’t hold that against me). In my capacity as third year representative, I’m hoping to bring everyone together for a few celebratory events. I also want to answer any questions you have, and hear any ideas you want to pitch. Hopefully this year will be as great as the last! If you see me around campus feel free to stop me and say hey (you’ll probably see me hidden away in one of the libraries). Otherwise, flick me an email and we can do things that way!




My name is Stella and I’m your second year representative for 2020! I am a Freo local and consequently know the best spots for good coffee (and cheap beer) around campus. I myself am transitioning into second year in 2020, and my goal for my position as representative is to make that transition with all of you, and to make it the most effortless and stress-free it can be. I aim to organise a second year mixer in order to consolidate the friendships we have cultivated throughout first year, and to meet some great new people in our cohort. I‘m pretty easy going and approachable so if you need absolutely anything please don’t hesitate to send me an email or come up and have a chat if you see me around campus! My ultimate goal this year is to create a sense of closeness and familiarity between students at Notre Dame. I’m here to help with anything you might need and to support you this year (because law is hard!) so please don’t hesitate to contact me! I’m super excited to be your representative this year and can’t wait to kick off this decade with all of you!




I’m currently studying an undergraduate double of Bachelor of Laws/Politics & International Relations. I am very excited to be given this opportunity to be the voice of first year Law students in the NDLSS and to work with such an incredible committee. I have always loved bringing people together and as First Year Representative, I aim to lead you all to success whilst enjoying your time in Law school. I hope to voice the concerns, opinions and desires of the Law school community and welcome all those who are new to it too. I am always here for a coffee and a chat, and I am only ever an email away!




Deciding to study a Bachelor of Laws as a Mature Age Representative I believe I bring enthusiasm, experience and that of service within my professional and business life.


Thus, I understand bridging the gap between those who are just starting out and like me, those who are returning in a post-graduate capacity. Though it can be challenging going back to study a little a later in life, with the right discipline and approach, it is equally rewarding. I am encouraged of the University’s well-rounded approach to study Law, with dedicated units such as Philosophy, Ethics and Theology.

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