The Team

The Competitions portfolio is run by the Competitions Representative and the Competitions Officer who form the Competitions Executive. The Competitions Executive works closely with the Competitions Sub-Committee who assist in the running of the portfolio. 

2021 Competitions Executive

Charlie Richards - Competitions Vice President

Mikayla Ware - Competitions Representative

2021 Competitions Sub-Committee

Angelica Martino

Anna Thomson

Asra Khan

Eloise Budimlich

Kaitlin Le Roux

Nishtha Vashisth

Penelope Dwyer

Sophie Bellini

Charlie Richards (ex-officio)

Mikayla Ware (ex-officio)

Expressions of interest in joining the Competitions Sub-Committee can be directed to 


Mikayla Ware and Charlie Richards - Competitions Executive


The Competitions portfolio, along with all NDLSS competitions are governed by the General Competition Regulations. Each individual competition will have competition-specific rules which can be found on their respective pages. All competitors must be familiar with the General Competition Regulations and the rules of their competition which they are participating in.


Dates in Semester 2 are yet to be confirmed